DROP Park Helsinki invites you to spend time in the cozy place, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Here you can ride a wakeboard, or just enjoy a cup of coffee with a bun on the terrace.

Who else know better than riders themselves how does perfect Wake park should look like – angles, proportions, radius, all this knowledge may be obtained only based on own experience. At your disposal is the reversible cable system DROP ONE and a unique park designed by Nikita Martyanov, a multiple winner of international competitions and the European champion in 2016.

At us you will find boards, wetsuits and everything you need for hire, but you can also leave your equipment for storage.

Cable wakeboarding is an affordable, fast-developing sport. It is easy to study, and enough just to be able to swim and have the right mood for learning something new. 

We are located not far from the center of Helsinki, in the area of Munkkinemi, in the water area of Tarvonsalmi Bay, between highway 1 on the Turku and the pedestrian bridge from Munkkiniemi to the island of Tarvo.

It is easy to reach us by tram number 4 from the center of Helsinki to Munkkivuori and then by bus No. 33, or by city bicycle from Torpanranta cafe https://kaupunkipyorat.hsl.fi/. To choose a route on public transport at a convenient time, you may at https://www.reittiopas.fi

Especially we welcome cyclists! A bicycle is the most suitable form of transport to get to us, and at the same time and warm up before riding on a wake. We are really not far from the city center, in a quiet residential area with narrow streets and friendly residents. In the surrounding park live different animals, squirrels, rabbits, bats, and many others. Birds nest along the shores of the bay. We want to save the environment around us, and so we ask you to leave your cars in city parking in advance and get to us on bicycles if possible. If you leave your wakeboard and wetsuit in our storage, you may come to us at any time with only a swimming trunks and a towel.

You can reserve your riding time in advance, but you can simply come and ride in the first free time, but in this case you may have to wait a little on the shore or in a cafe, play table football, or sunbathe.

We are open from Mon-Fri 11:00 to 21:00 every day.


We have received recognition at the world level in the face of the leading company for the production of wake equipment.

The company LiquidForce released a limited series of boards DROP


Vitu Perkule

Vitu Perkule

I never fail the wakeboarding to the dropship. Thank you, you showed me how cool this is and now I’m a fan of wakeboarding and park skating

Nikita Martianov

Nikita Martianov

Excellent park, very happy with the quality of winches and figures. I recommend that everyone spend here about training